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Applying for funding

Do you have a big idea?

We fund in the areas where there is critical need, where we can add value, and where there is an opportunity to bring about systemic change. Big Change back pioneers who have a vision and are already striving to deliver transformational change.

Is your project eligible?

Do you have a big idea? Find out if your project is eligible for Big Change support.

If you answer ‘yes’ to all the criteria on the right, look out for our next funding round. 

Bold ambition for system change

Do you have a bold ambition for system change, with the potential to significantly impact on the broader sector? What is the unique and disruptive insight that can really change the way things are done?

Positive growth

Does your idea focus on positive growth: would the project clearly support young people to unlock their potential, and make a real difference?

Compelling need

Can you demonstrate a clear and compelling need? Is there a clear benefit to the education or youth development sector in the UK, and would your project have support from sector experts and other practitioners?

Transformative leadership

Does your team have transformative leadership: are the right people in place with the expertise and experience to fulfil their big ambition?