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Ade Adepitan STRIVES

22 August 2014: posted by BigChange

Last week, we were joined by Ade Adepitan on the Ultra Marathon Leg of the Virgin STRIVE Challenge. He wrote to us about his experience on the challenge and his journey in life so far and the Life Skills he has developed to help him reach this point.

You lot are all bloody awesome what you’ve achieved whilst the rest of the country have been watching this morning and loose women on TV is incredible!

I’ve been lucky enough to do some amazing things and sometimes people ask what has been the greatest moment or moments in my life they usually expect me to say when I won Paralympic or world medals.But actually for me it’s the journey how I got there, what I had to sacrifice to win those medals and most importantly who I shared that journey with.

Without the lessons I learnt, the mental and emotional resilience that I gained there’d be no medals and no honours. That’s why I cherish the 3 days I got to spend with you all, even the day of the crazy ultra marathon!

DSC_1264 - Copy

I can honestly say I am really sad that I couldn’t row cycle and hike my way to Switzerland with you all. I made new friends during our trip from London to Dover and I wanna thank you all for making it such a cool adventure!

I love sport because every day it gives you an opportunity to be better than you were the day before. We’re all better today than we were yesterday, and you know what’s exciting tomorrow we’ll all be even better than we were today. I mean how awesome is that.

The aura of this group is amazing, your positivity the wonderful mischievous sense of humour is your strength. I’ve worked with some amazing people world leaders in what they do, great men and woman. Trust me this is one of the greatest groups of people that I’ve had the chance to spend time with.

I’m sure your already doing this, but promise me something. keep that spirit you will need it over the next few days and weeks. All of you will at some point hit the wall that crossroads between fatigue and pain. When they blend into one and you think why I am I doing this, that’s when you’ll need each other. If someone’s down give them a hug or smile let them know that where all in it together.

Somewhere in the UK right now there’s a child who’s struggling and doesn’t know how to make his/her dreams come true. A child who doesn’t have the life skills to fulfil their potential. What each and everyone of you is doing through this challenge is giving that child an opportunity to change their lives.

Stay strong but most importantly have fun!